We lovingly hand make clocks using oak blocks and buttons to create a stylish addition to any home or work space.


Our first craft event 'Made In Barrowby' on the 21st September was a great success and we look forward to exhibiting over the next few months.
Saturday 26th October 2013 - Grantham Museum Craft Fair 10am-4pm


Friday 22nd November 2013 - Stamford Christmas Shopping Evening 6pm-9pm at the Ballroom Arts Centre
Saturday 23rd November 2013 - Aslockton Christmas Gift and Craft Fair 10am-4pm at The Thomas Cranmer Centre, Aslockton
Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December 2013 - Christmas Food and Gift Fair at the George Shopping Centre, Grantham

A number of designs are shown below, but as you can imagine, the options are endless, button permitting! 

At each craft fair or market we exhibit at, we will have an empty clock and a pot full of buttons for you to design your own clock!

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For any further information or to order a clock please email us at info@clockblocks.co.uk

Clock Blocks: Rainbow £25

Clock Blocks: Red £25

clock blocks red

Clock Blocks: Star £25

clock blocks star

Clock Blocks: Black and White £25

clock blocks black white

Clock Blocks: Purple £25

clock blocks purple

Clock Blocks: Pink £25

clock blocks pink

Clock Blocks: White £25

clock blocks white

Clock Blocks: Yellow £25

clock blocks yellow

Clock Blocks: Orange £25

clock blocks orange

Clock Blocks: Green £25

clock blocks green

Clock Blocks: Swirl (4 Button) £25

clock blocks swirl 4 button